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Do you want to know a secret? Most parents-new and old-are terrified. Parenting is a huge responsibility and so much of the advice you find online is confusing and conflicting.

You can turn to Anisha Shah, M.A., LPC-S to reverse some of your confusion. She helps struggling parents make good choices and get back on track. Her top-notch tools and techniques will help you develop effective parenting skills.

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5 things you'll learn at a parenting therapy session

5 things you'll learn at a parenting therapy session

Walk away from Collin County Counseling with a new set of effective parenting skills. Anisha Shah, M.A., LPC-S uses a combination of Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help you develop parenting skills that truly work. You'll learn how to:

  1. Give yourself credit for your successes.
  2. Figure out your personal goals and stressors.
  3. Relax and not let your anger get the best of situations.
  4. Learn how to help your child with back-to-school stress and anxiety.
  5. Establish a better emotional relationship with your co-parent and child.

Are you ready to learn effective parenting skills and strategies? Make an appointment at Collin County Counseling in McKinney, TX today.