"We went to Ms. Anisha to get help for our son's anxiety issues. At first he was hesitant to speak to her, but as they conducted more one on one sessions he slowly opened up to her. Ms. Anisha was able to get him to open up more. Our son opened up to her and described issues that were affecting him and she gave him and us ideas on how to overcome these issues. Our son used these ideas at school and made significant progress, that even his teachers commented on his improvement. When COVID started, Ms. Anisha was able to continue the sessions virtually so that any progress was not lost. It was at first difficult for him to do it virtually but he managed to adapt to it. I'm so grateful for everything that Ms. Anisha had done! Now, our son is doing wonderful both at home and in school! We will definitely reach back out to her if he needs further help!"

"I wish I could write in detail and share my entire experience with everyone regarding my time as a client of Anisha. Working with Anisha on a consistent basis in calm and comfortable environment, I only felt encouraged to discuss matters honestly. Our sessions were spent with equal opportunities to speak and to listen and her knowledge on CBT was a very effective and relevant approach. I always felt respected and that my well being was genuinely considered every time we would communicate. In short, I am very grateful that working with Anisha proved tremendously helpful and I would strongly recommend anyone needing counseling, to explore the avenue of receiving great professional guidance from Anisha."

"Anisha is very passionate about her journey with clients on their healing process with her invaluable and in-depth expertise and skills. She is very gentle, extremely dedicated and an amazing person to work with!!"

"Counseling with Anisha Shah was very helpful. She is very professional. She has lot of patience hearing me also guiding me. I'm very thankful to Anisha."

"Anisha Is an incredible person. When you talk with her you feel that she truely cares and wants to help. She is easy to talk with and has so many great ideas for helping people.....Thank Anisha (You're Awesome!)"

"Anisha's gift lies in teaching you how to change destructive patterns and replace them with positive, healthy and self-affirming ones. In a loving and compassionate manner, she accompanies you on the path of self-healing and provides the tools necessary to complete the journey. Give her a call. Her expertise, insight, empathy and dedication to her clients is invaluable. She may just be the one who touches your life and helps you embrace new beginnings to achieve immense growth."

"What I love about Anisha Shah is that she can connect through her personality and experience to individuals in all age groups. I would recommend her for counseling young children as well as senior citizens!"

"Anshia is a wonderful lady. She cares and is friendly, she is like part of the family. Great comfortable environment makes it easy to talk to her."

"I needed some help getting through a rough situation. Anisha helped me, guided me, and listened to me. I can honestly say I made the right choice to seek for help. Anisha you are amazing and thank you so much for all great tools and advice."

"Anisha is very good and helpful. She listens carefully n discusses the problem n gives a solution which helps resolve your issues."

"Anisha is understanding, open minded and approachable...all the qualities that make her a great counselor."

"Remarkably fine doctor. I will forever be happy that I went to see her. Her help and guidance were phenomenal."

"Anisha is very professional but also a very caring and attentive counselor. She helped me through some very difficult issues and has taught me some great coping skills as I navigate day to day problems and resolve various problems from the past."

"Anisha has really helped me through the toughest parts of life. From wanting being depressed for 4+ years, she got me all the way to feeling free and at peace with life. I have never in my life felt better and I want to give a wonderful thank you to this lovely woman. She's honestly the best therapist I have ever met"

"I was thinking back on my time with Anisha which was almost a year ago. She changed my life tremendously and I will forever be thankful for her impact in my life. She taught me so much and helped me feel like I was living again for the first time in a decade. 1000% recommend."

"My husband and I have always had an amazing relationship but one area we struggled in was communication. Things got so bad we decided to seek counseling. Anisha is absolutely amazing! In just a few short months she tremendously helped us in our communication. My marriage is stronger than ever, thanks to Anisha!"

I went to Anisha starting around this time last year and am in such a better place today because of her. She helped me work through some things from my past but more importantly taught me tools to navigate relationships and everyday difficulties. I've been post treatment for a while but still use the tools she taught be day to day, only now I use them without thinking about it. Anisha is the best!

I was thinking back on my time with Anisha which was almost a year ago. She changed my life tremendously and I will forever be thankful for her impact in my life. She taught me so much and helped me feel like I was living again for the first time in a decade. 1000% recommend.

Anisha is extremely professional and offered much needed help, gave me the right guidance. She is an amazing person and I highly recommend her for her professional services. Thank you Anisha!

Anisha is an absolute sweetheart! She is a loving, caring, kind, and an intelligent therapist/ counselor. She is a great listener, which is an absolute necessity in therapy. She has a very high emotional intelligence which helps her connect with her clients instantly and make them feel comfortable by empathizing with their life situations and understanding where they are coming from. She has good suggestions for coping skills in getting through rough life situations. For those lows in life or when you are at crossroads, I would highly recommend you make Anisha a part of your healing process. Your life decisions will be in safe hands. Thanks Anisha for bringing your positive and vibrant side with insights that make a difference to people's lives.

In this day in age hard to find people who are really interested in helping. Anisha is a person who is invested in her clients, and I had a great experience working with her on some anxiety issues. It took me a long time to reach out, but it was worth it, and I think you will find Anisha's demeanor and counseling style to be professional, understanding, and available anytime you need assistance. Thanks, Anisha, and appreciate the lessons learned in our sessions.

I contacted Anisha because I needed healing, growth and understanding of so many different areas of my life. Anisha makes me feel heard, noticed and understood. She helps you observe things from different perspectives. I knew I wanted to make adjustments towards the things I cannot control, to seek inner calmness and happiness. I've started applying the tools given to me by Anisha, and have already noticed my ability to have more control of my thoughts. Thank you Anisha for being patient, teaching me how to trust in my own abilities and just making me understand that growth, and healing the past is possible with hardwork and faith. As a mother, wife, employee, I have a lot on my plate. But now I'm able to see the light in the darkness to be my best self.