1. What is professional counseling? How do I know I need counseling?

When you or your loved one may be struggling with ongoing stressors such as constant yelling, inability to get along with peers, moody all the time, defiance/disrespect in children and teens, hopelessness, or feeling excessive guilt and shame to name a few, can be very overwhelming and exhausting to deal with on a daily basis. These are signs that finding a counselor can be a huge benefit. I offer counseling services such as marriage counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, anxiety therapy, depression therapy, and children's counseling. I also offer parenting skills sessions.

The process of counseling enables you to identify underlying triggers and situations that cause emotional turmoil as well as goal setting. We work together to develop problem solving interventions for effective coping! Counseling can also help improve and change your thinking, outlook, decision making, communication skills, relationship building, self-esteem, behavior modification as well as your overall mental health and sanity for a more fulfilled lifestyle!

2. What is the first session like? How do I prepare?

I understand that the anticipation of your first counseling session at my office, Collin County Counseling, McKinney, TX could make you or your loved one feel possibly nervous, uncertain, guarded, anxious, or stressed with mixed feelings. A lot of clients do not know what to expect; which is very normal! I am here to answer any questions and make sure your counseling services in Mckinney, TX are personalized to your needs.

Once you have confirmed your appointment and arrive at my office, you can relax with a drink of water, coffee, or tea in the comfortable waiting room overlooking the calm lake and a beautiful golf course! I will come greet you there and walk you to my office. When you are settled in, we will take care of some housekeeping formalities and get right into your or loved one's need for help and change as expressed in the Adult Intake Form/Child Intake Form followed by a treatment overview/options in a warm, safe, non-judgmental, relaxed setting.

We will form a counseling plan personalized to your needs. By using combination of behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, and counseling services, my goal is that you are able to walk out of my office in Mckinney, Tx with coping skills to take on the world!

3. What should I bring with me to my first session?

I understand that the first counseling session may be a little scary! You are welcome to invite a loved one to your first session if you would prefer to. If it is your child's first session, you are welcome to attend with/without your child. There are also a few items you will need to bring as well:

  • Completed Intake Form (Adult/Child)
  • Drivers License/Photo ID (for reference)
  • Insurance Card if using one (for reference)
  • Form of payment for the services (cash/check/card)

4. How do I choose a counselor?

Finding a counselor who can be a good fit to for you or your loved one plays one of the important factors in a successful, rewarding, and effective experience in counseling! I offer a Free 30 Minute Consultation In-Office or over the phone to help new clients with your decision to seek counseling and understand how I can work with you in your unique situation.

At the consultation, we will also be able to assess the good fit for each other or else I can offer alternative referrals to best suit your needs. Clients have reported the Free 30 minute consultation as very helpful, insightful, and reassuring to find hope, support and relief in a warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere at my office!