Does Your Child Need Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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It may be tough to know when your child would benefit from counseling. Common warning signs include speech delays, extreme introversion, and behavioral issues.If your child has gone through a traumatic event or has started showing signs of mental and emotional imbalance, it may be time to try cognitive behavioral therapy.

At Collin County Counseling, we use safe, effective and calming techniques to help children open up about their issues. Children feel safe and comfortable working with Anisha Shah, M.A., LPC-S due to her client focused and compassionate approach. Reach out to our clinic today to learn how you can help your child get the help they need. Collin County Counseling is easily accessible from Plano, TX.

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5 signs you should consider counseling for your child

It can be difficult to determine whether your child needs professional help or if the problem will go away on its own. Every case is different, but here are a few common signs that indicate professional therapy is a good course to take:

  1. Your child appears to be suffering from an eating disorder.
  2. You've noticed scars, bruises other concerning indicators of self-harm on your child.
  3. Your child has recently gone through a traumatic event.
  4. Mental illness runs in your family.
  5. Your child has started showing uncharacteristic behavior or emotional issues.

Getting help is the first step toward healing your child and your family. The counselor at Collin County Counseling offer empathetic guidance for children of all ages. Don't wait to start getting your child back on the path to success, happiness and healing. Collin County Counseling is easily accessible from Plano, TX.

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