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Are you struggling to find happiness in your current job or navigate the ever-changing job climate? Collin County Counseling offers career counseling that can help you find your way. Anisha Shah, MA, LPC-S can work with you and help you decide what type of job would be a good fit for you. When you come in for an appointment, Anisha Shah, MA, LPC-S will assess your needs, skills and desires in order to find an industry that you can thrive in. She will help you narrow down your list of potential career options and manage the stress that comes with making a big life change.

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Why come to Collin County Counseling for career counseling?

Why come to Collin County Counseling for career counseling?

If you're having trouble identifying career goals or finding a job in McKinney, Texas, reach out to Collin County Counseling. Anisha Shah, MA, LPC-S will help you narrow your focus by discussing topics like:

  • Your particular skill set and any hidden talents
  • The potential earning capacity of various careers
  • The necessary skills and education for various industries
  • Your desired daily working environment

Together, we'll explore your potential career opportunities and discover a career path that could be beneficial to you.

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